About Nür Wellness Clinic

OBGYNs & Medical Weight Loss located in San Jose, CA

At Nür Wellness Clinic, women from in and around San Jose, California, have access to unparalleled OB/GYN and wellness services. Under the leadership of Athiya Javid, MD, the practice is thriving and quickly earning a reputation as one of the best health resources in the region. 

Preventive health is a strong area of focus within the practice. Routine well-woman exams offer the space for women to get the screenings they need and receive guidance on any health topics they choose. 

When gynecologic issues arise, Nür Wellness Clinic has the diagnostic and treatment tools needed to achieve the best possible outcomes. Patient education ensures that each woman fully understands her options when faced with multiple treatment paths. 

Birth control counseling, pelvic pain assessment, fertility planning, and menopause care are just some of the ways the practice serves women in the community. Those planning to add to their family rely on personalized obstetrics care throughout their journey, including top-quality ultrasounds and screening tools. 

Wellness is also a cornerstone of the practice. Men and women can get tailored nutrition advice and medical weight loss services. The goal is to improve quality of life, overall health, and wellness. 

The best way to explore all that Nür Wellness Clinic offers is by booking a time to come in and meet the team. Online scheduling is fast and easy; visits can also be booked by phone.