Ultrasound services located in San Jose, CA

Ultrasound technology offers the chance to visualize your internal tissues, which is helpful in both obstetrics and gynecology practice. At Nür Wellness Clinic in San Jose, California, OB/GYN Athiya Javid, MD, offers the latest ultrasound technology to enhance your experience. When you’re ready to learn more, call or schedule a personalized visit online. 

Ultrasound Q & A

How does ultrasound technology work?

Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to create imaging of your internal structures. It is a safe and effective way for practitioners to “see” inside your body without any invasive procedures. 

The process works by using a handheld device called a transducer to emit sound waves that enter your body. As these sound waves encounter different tissue types, they create echoes. The equipment picks up these echoes and converts them into black-and-white imaging. 

More dense tissue creates a lighter image, while less dense tissue takes on a gray or mottled appearance. Because ultrasounds require no anesthesia or downtime, they’re a preferred tool for many women’s health providers. 

How are ultrasounds used in obstetric care?

Ultrasounds allow your obstetrician to check your baby’s development. It’s commonly used to confirm pregnancy and estimate your due date. Most pregnancy ultrasounds are performed through your belly, with no part of the equipment entering your body. 

Ultrasounds performed later in your pregnancy help screen for a variety of developmental issues, as well as pregnancy complications. Some of the things your practitioner might look for include:

  • Congenital defects
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Fetal positioning
  • Volume of amniotic fluid
  • Placental position
  • Opening or shortening of your cervix

Ultrasounds do not pose a risk to you or your baby. They are one of the safest and most effective screening tools available. You can even receive a copy of the ultrasound to keep as your first photo of your little one. 

What role does ultrasound play in gynecology?

Transvaginal ultrasounds provide imaging of your reproductive organs. They’re done using a thoughtfully designed vaginal probe your practitioner inserts into your vagina. This device emits sound waves from within your body, creating highly detailed imaging of internal structures. 

Transvaginal ultrasounds are used to detect:

  • Cysts
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Polyps
  • Pelvic infection
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Intrauterine device (IUD) positioning
  • Signs of cancer

If Dr. Javid feels that transvaginal ultrasound is the best diagnostic approach, she explains what to expect during this simple procedure. 

If you need to book an ultrasound appointment, try the easy online booking tool. You can also reach the office by phone to schedule an ultrasound. Nür Wellness Clinic is proud to offer the very latest ultrasound technology.